Craig Colorusso

Sun Boxes 7″


7” Colored vinyl
5 minutes per side
Edition: 10

Two field recordings of Colorusso’s solar powered sound installation, Sun Boxes. One side from a grassy field, the other from a frozen pond. Both from Massachusetts. Packaged with a signed certificate specially made for Fuse Works.

Sun Boxes 7″

Craig Colorusso was born April 18th, 1970 in Mount Vernon, NY. With a guitar and some inspiration from the Punk Rock movement of the 1980’s he began to write his own music. By the 1990’s he was in touring bands and started his own record company. After touring the United States tirelessly Colorusso found himself in one too many bars. His music began to expand and incorporate composition and improvisation. He began to play bass clarinet and clarinet. This expansion caused his music to evolve, resulting in the pieces Tagmusik (24 hour performance in Bethel CT) and Maschine (a composition for instruments and off-set printing presses.) Slowly, these explorations extended beyond music and investigated light and sculpture. First with MB 89 and then with CUBEMUSIC, both of which have toured the US. In the last decade Colorusso has combined his interests to create his latest work Sun Boxes which premiered June 2009 as part of the exhibition “off the Grid” at the Goldwell Museum in Rhyolite Nevada.