China Blue

Under Voices: Le Voix de la Tour Eiffel


audio cd
7 tracks approximately 25 min.
Edition: 30

A Special Edition artwork release of the 2008 CD Under Voices: Le Voix de la Tour Eiffel. Under Voices‘s seven tracks are composed of the sounds of the Eiffel Tower itself—the ambient acoustics and vibrations of the physical structure within and responding to its environment. Tracks include Under Voices, Crypto Keys, The Wind and the Accordionist and four others. Accompanied by a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Under Voices: Le Voix de la Tour Eiffel

China Blue is an award winning international artist whose current work focuses on the brain. Brainwaves of individuals, sensed through her customized EEG software, control the light and sound of an interactive sculpture and also dynamically create personal mind produced drawings. With her Cultural Connectomes she mines the history of art to illuminate unexpected relationships and to show how artistic ideas have been disseminated through societies. Over the past two decades she has created sound art works that focus on researching and developing data sonification. This has lead to discovering the hidden acoustics imbedded in the iron of the Eiffel Tower, submerged in Venice’s water or encased in NASA’s Vertical Gun chamber. This sound work is the foundation of her current focus. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Engine Institute.