About Fuse Works

Fuse Works exhibits and promotes multiples and editions by artists who approach editioned artwork as a field of artistic discourse and inquiry itself, rather than simply a means of mass-producing their efforts. Many Fuse Works artists explore what, if anything, distinguishes art objects from commodities that can be bought, sold and resold. A few deal with the design and/or fiat value of money itself. And some go so far as to disguise the “status” of their work, seeking to pass their subversive objects into the unsuspecting hands of non-art consumers.

At the same time many of these artists are keenly aware of the potential for their objects to gradually evolve into valued art market commodities, nullifying any populist aims they might have intended. While others admit to being eager for this metamorphosis to take place. Fuse Works represents a platform for artists who think critically about the place of art in contemporary culture and the place of contemporary culture in art.

Fuse Works began in January 2007 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the inaugural exhibition showcased editioned works by more than 30 artists and was held at the Front Room Gallery.

We accept submissions from artists who create editioned artwork. Artists who are interested in submitting work should make inquiries using the contact page.

We have recently begun publishing and assisting in the manufacturing of work with our artists.

Fuse Works continues to actively seek new works to be added to the program.

— Amanda Alic & Ethan Crenson