Naval Cassidy

Hot Lips In About Five Minutes


monogrammed USB drive with one video, (playable on computers and many media players) in a signed plastic pouch with a small prize
video: five minutes, usb drive size: 1 GB, 4 in. x 3 in. pouch
Edition: 13

Naval’s first official high definition work attempts to revisit sketches and ideas from 2012 into moving, groping, lip smacking fun. Images collide and intermingle with liberal use of video wipes. Sunglasses not included. Delivered in a small pouch containing usb drive, certificate of authentication and a small prize.

Hot Lips In About Five Minutes

Naval Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who lives in New York City. He has worked with groups like Stackable Thumb, Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak, and solo, pulling delirious visions out of discarded broken objects placed under the watchful eye of his camera for the last ten years. His video works and performances have traveled the world, most recently to Germany, Belgium, and Canada.