Jason Van Anden

Endless Love


Emotive Software Artwork
dimensions variable
Edition: 500

Endless Love is an emotive software art piece created for Fuse Works. Each signed and numbered CD contains a unique variation of a program which runs continuously in a semi-random manner. It is composed of a series of hand drawn animated mouth shapes overlapped by graphical bubbles. The bubbles define a state machine which probabilistically drives its behavior expressed by the drawings. Occasionally the piece imparts a declaration of love to whomever is within earshot.

The collector has a transferable license to exhibit one copy of the work for each CD purchased. The software will run on most any modern operating systems, and can be either displayed on a screen or projected.

Endless Love

Jason Van Anden creates works of art that seek to reconcile human emotion, intelligence and free will. He works in mediums both old and new, from clay to software, pencil drawings to robotics. Van Anden's art is exhibited internationally and is engaged in the art, science and technology communities. He holds a BFA from Syracuse University and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. More about Van Anden can be found on his website. (www.smileproject.com)