Naval Cassidy

Belgian Works


approx. 75 minutes
Edition: 30

Naval Cassidy traveled to Belgium in 2004 and 2005 to perform works created for and about Europeans. Differences and similarities are entertained in these snail’s eye views of USA and European society. The DVD concludes with a re-visit and re-hash of Naval’s little European adventure, seen from the peculiar perspective of his collection of props found in the second hand stores of Lier, Genk, and Antwerp. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Belgian Works

Naval Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who lives in New York City. He has worked with groups like Stackable Thumb, Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak, and solo, pulling delirious visions out of discarded broken objects placed under the watchful eye of his camera for the last ten years. His video works and performances have traveled the world, most recently to Germany, Belgium, and Canada.