Ross Racine

West Concentric Estates


digital drawing (inkjet print on archival paper)
12 1/2 in. x 12 1/2 in.
Edition: 20 plus 3 APs

West Concentric Estates is Racine’s second small print made for Fuse Works, this one introduces subtle color. These digital drawings appear to be aerial photographs of planned communities, in fact there are no photographs or scanned material used. The images, drawn freehand in the computer, seek to expose conflicts between constructed landscapes, the human transformation of nature and our domestic ideals. Signed and numbered.

West Concentric Estates

Ross Racine is a digital artist, born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and living and working in NYC. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions, in Canada and the US. Ten years ago he started drawing with the computer and has never looked back. For more information please visit