Patricia Smith

Plot Plan, City of One


folded offset print with cover, hand stamped
18 x 24 inches
Edition: 225

Patricia Smith continues her explorations of psychic dystopias with her new offset print edition, Plot Plan for an Ideal City of One. Designed in the format of a road map, City of One depicts an architectural formation that might have erupted organically from the collective psyche. The sentiments expressed in the text captions will strike a chord with city dwellers everywhere who wage a daily mental battle with forces that threaten their own territorial claims.

Plot Plan, City of One

Patricia Smith's meticulous, quietly subversive works on paper in ink and watercolor are reminiscent of architectural drawings, medical illustration, and antique maps. Her fantastical structures house imaginary organizations. Text captions labeling the rooms and spaces make use of puns, double meanings and dark humor. These miniature worlds articulate slightly unsettling social phenomena and psychological patterns, suggesting a depiction of both the individual mind and the broader culture.