Glen Einbinder

Dreamcards, Science Times, 2000 (July-December)


laserprint from original drawing on paper with collage (two sided)
6 in. x 9 in. (each)
Edition: 52 cards in an edition of 10 each
Shown here individual July through December cards
For January through June click here
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Each card in the deck is based on a news story that ran in the Science Times section of The New York Times in the year 2000—one card from each week of the year. Although the news stories dealt with empirical science, Einbinder’s amazement and fascination with them verges on the mystical. The Dreamcards mingle the empirical and the mystical incorporating ideas from dreambooks which connect dream imagery with numerology and mysticism. Signed and numbered.

Dreamcards, Science Times, 2000 (July-December)

Glen Eden Einbinder focuses on installation. His work is often site-specific, exhibiting primarily in spaces not designed for art exhibitions. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. He received his degree from CalArts. He has been exhibiting his work in New York and elsewhere since 1992.