Lotte Lindner and Till Steinbrenner



11 3/4 in. x 15 3/4 in.
Edition: 10 + 2 AP

If, a photograph of an MTA poster shows a brownpaper wrapped parcel, the dust and grit on its Plexiglas covering and the reflection of the subway car it is on. The poster, which is familiar to most New Yorkers, comes from the MTA anti-terrorism campaign “If you see something, say something.” Lindner and Steinbrenner’s spatially disorienting reproduction derails the already conflicted PR sentiment of the slogan with a meditation on the complexities and ambiguities of the act of seeing.


Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, born 1971 and 1967, live and work in Hannover, Germany. 1996-2004 Braunschweig School of Arts, Dipl. and MA with Marina Abramovic and John Armleder