Seldon Yuan

Thinking of You


paint, mirror
diameter: 18 in.
Edition: 20

Thinking of You is deliberately vague (self) portrait of both artist and viewer. A coarse halftone image of the artist partially obscures and reveals a mirror beneath. Standing in front of the mirror one is able to see a reflection of oneself in the mirror woven into the image of the artist. Signed and numbered. Delivered framed.

Thinking of You

Seldon Yuan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

"Under the influence of poetry, my work focuses on a personal poetics of multiple perspectives that extends across a spectrum that plays on optical incongruities, absurdity, poetry, surrealism, familiar objects and spaces, and personal struggle. From sculpture to installation to photographs to mixed media to text inclusive pieces, the body of work plays on ideas that triangulate on subjectifying and examining personal experiences, emotions, and environments by contrasting the indexical (such as photographs and mirrors) with subjective personal intervention and interpretation (such as cut outs and text) thereby inventing a lens to view and reinterpret the everyday."