Chuck Jones

Spatial Prop Therapy Toolkit


Each kit includes
1 handmade canvas tote bag
2 softcover spiral bound books, b&w, 89 pages
1 Relationship Ender
1 30 minute DVD
4-7 typos
Bag, excluding handles, 14 in. x 16 in. x 4 in.
Edition: 5

This is a kit for arguing people, whether they be in a sexual or platonic relationship. Each partner gets a copy of the 89 page book “Pictures to Stare at During Arguments: Spatial Prop Therapy for use in improving communications in moments of tension” and a button that reads “Don’t look at me. I’m arguing with you.” There is also a DVD to watch while arguing so partners don’t look at each other, and a Relationship Ender, which is a block of walnut about the size of a thick pack of cigarettes. This block should be placed between each arguing partner to reach for and throw at the other partners head if he or she wants to end the relationship immediately and permenantly. The whole package comes in a lovely homemade, but very sturdy, canvas tote bag. Signed on the second page of the book.

Spatial Prop Therapy Toolkit

Chuck Jones, 1970, is an Media Artist and Embroiderer living in Chicago. His work was featured in a museum in Queens once, and once in Houston and another time in Los Angeles. He lives in Chicago and his work can be found at