Luca Bertolo

The Narvos Method, Remixed


Hardcover, 74 pages, illustrated in color throughout
7.5 in. x 4.75 in.
Edition: 1000

One evening in November, 2004, Luca Bertolo came upon The Narvos Method – English – First Book, published in 1910. The book was intended as a manual to the students of the school which the author—Narvos—had founded in Berlin. A typical sequence of the book runs as follows:
Who is that gentleman? It is Mr. B. I have asked you something and you have answered me. What did I ask you? What did you answer me? Did I ask you anything? Cutting out excerpts from the book, Bertolo began to view them as the captions to a rather ambiguous story—a story which at first glance appeared to be entirely evident but also concealed an abyss of inconsistency upon closer inspection. Bertolo felt the captions urgently needed illustrations and brought out his pen. Hardcover, 74 pages, illustrated in color throughout, edited by the Mud Art Foundation, Milano, Italia, numbered by stamp.

The Narvos Method, Remixed

Luca Bertolo's artwork is centred on painting and drawing, considered as sophisticated means for reflection on representation. He has developed his research along the lines formed by the (paradoxical) intersection of a cold and intentional conceptual/ analytic approach to painting with painting itself as the result of a synthetic, warmer, and partially unintentional process. He has recently begun working with other media such as video and writing. In the widest sense, he brings his interest to everything (with its anthropological aesthetic, philosophical value) that a language contains deposited within.