Serge Onnen



Risograph printed in Brussels by Frau Steiner mounted on found vinyl, with verso label, in inverted sleeve.
12 1/4 x 12 1/4 in. (each)
Edition: 25 (each)

Rotoreliefs borrow a concept from a 1935 project by Marcel Duchamp which he originally conceived of as a commercial venture. Duchamp rented a booth at a French fair for inventors and promoted Rotoreliefs, in which printed discs he had designed were displayed on spinning turntables producing eye-popping optical illusions. Onnen’s Rotoreliefs are Risograph prints mounted on second hand vinyl records. The album’s covers have all been inverted and with a label on the reverse where they are signed and numbered. In Onnen’s designs, ears, tongues and fingers spiral with hypnotic grace. Turntable not included. Titled and numbered on the outer sleeve. Signed, titled and numbered on the verso label.


Serge Onnen is a Dutch artist whose work has been shown in Europe, South America and North America. Residencies: Rijksakademie, Amsterdam; Glassell Program Houston, TX; ISCP program NYC; Cite International des Arts Paris. He is the trumpet player for the improvisational band Oorbeek.