David Schulz

The Mirror


offset, saddle-stitched book
7 in. by 9 in.
Edition: 200

The Mirror is a parallel narrative of photographic image and text that contains a story about a man watching a video of his parents with his wife. As time unfolds, he realizes his dad is actually alone (in the physical world)—his mother is a ghost. Still later, he realizes he is alone—his wife vanishes into thin air. But the story is not about being alone, it’s about how everything is at once itself and an image of itself. As with a mirror, on one side you stand; on the other, your image stands. In the story, his awareness of this predicament becomes his image. 44 pages. Color photos throughout. Signed copies available.

The Mirror

David Schulz is a photographer and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. His books have been included in various exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Chicago and Walker Art Institutes.