Chiara Camoni and Ines Bassanetti

(Di) Sengare il Tempo


Hardcover folio with 105 plates and one original drawing
12 3/4 in. x 9 in. 2 in.
Edition: 100

This book holds one hundred reprinted drawings made by the artist’s grandmother Ines Bassanetti and one original drawing by Bassanetti. The artist’s collaboration with her grandmother began in 2002. She provides this conceptual declaration: “I’ve got a grandmother and she’s ninety two years old. Some years ago she told me she was melancholic, and she asked me to give her a work to do. I answered that I needed an assistant. Since that moment she’s drawing for me every day” (Di)Segnare il Tempo was her last work. She was drawing stars every day, thousands of stars, preparing her private cosmos. Edited By Assab One, Milano, 2006. Text in Italian. Critical essay of Marco Senaldi. Signed and numbered by both artists.

(Di) Sengare il Tempo

Chiara Camoni was born in 1974; she lives and works between Lucca and Milano (Italy). Her work has been exhibited in private galleries (Le Case d'Arte, Milano; Spazio A, Pistoia; Assab One, Milano) and in public spaces (PAC, Milano; Flash Art Museum, Trevi); She works as freelance for "Istituto per la Diffusione delle Scienze Naturali" in Napoli, attending editing of books and exhibitions in public spaces. She is interested in the relationship between art and different kinds of knowledge. She usually collaborates with others and the results are often works in progress. The most important theme is time and the ideas of change and transformation. "Time always leaves signs: on human's faces and in consciousness, on artist's drawings and in landscapes. We only know time through its signs, though we can make it tangible by taking its own rhythm and working with it." Ines Bassanetti worked with her grand-daughter Chiara Camoni beginning in 2002 and continuing until her passing.