Naval Cassidy

Baby Naval Connector


red rubber figurine and DVD
(figurine) 4 in. tall x 2 in. dia.; DVD with case
Edition: 12

The first in a series of epistemological studies, Baby Naval Connector gives the owner something to grasp onto, literally, while viewing a Naval Cassidy video. Naval rescued this small figurine from his parents’ living room, and it has been featured in Cassidy’s work for the last 20 years. The DVD comprises a kaleidoscopic vision dedicated to the figurine in all it’s terrifying glory, and it comes with a rubber duplicate of the same. The viewer is encouraged to hold the copy in his/her hands while watching mandala unfold before their eyes, or even hold it in front of the screen for an extra treat. Warning: strong stroboscopic imagery contained in the DVD. Figurine casts manufactured by Rachel Lowther. Certificate of authenticity.

Baby Naval Connector

Naval Cassidy is an instant cinema artist who lives in New York City. He has worked with groups like Stackable Thumb, Naval Cassidy and the Hands of Orlak, and solo, pulling delirious visions out of discarded broken objects placed under the watchful eye of his camera for the last ten years. His video works and performances have traveled the world, most recently to Germany, Belgium, and Canada.