John Marrott and Mary-Anne McTrowe

The Future of Idea Art: Conceptual Art Bumper Stickers


bumper stickers
2 3/4 in. x 11 1/4 in.
Edition: open

Recontectualizable art for all! Easy to use, safe, fun, ethically beyond reproach! Turn your piece-of-crap car into a contemporary cipher. Six individual bumper stickers, black text on white, in a shrink wrap package. Bumper stickers included: “My other car is a picture of a car”, “Rule based artists make better lovers!”, “I brake for deconstruction”, “If you are close enough to read this your aesthetic is too relational”, “Honk if you’re meta-critical”, “I [heart] rigour.”

The Future of Idea Art: Conceptual Art Bumper Stickers

John Marriott is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based in Toronto, Canada. His works have been featured in exhibitions and festivals nationally and internationally in venues such as The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery (Toronto 1995, 1996), The Impakt Festival (Utrecht, 2003), 25HRS (Barcelona, 2003), The Rotterdam International Festival of Film and Video (Rotterdam, 2003), The 7a*lld International Festival of Performance Art (Toronto, 2004), The ZKM (Karlsruhe, 2004) and The Toronto Sculpture Garden (Toronto, 2006). His multiples are included in private and public collections including the Art Gallery of Ontario and The National Gallery of Canada.

McTrowe's creative activities have included such diverse areas as sculpture, photography, performance, mail art, video, and most recently, painting and drawing. Her practice is presently focused on the question of how things that are familiar to us can be made unfamiliar, and how a change in context can render something temporarily strange and perhaps even unrecognizable.