Alison Unsworth



archival inkjet print on paper
11 3/4 in. x 16 1/2 in.
Edition: 5

Scavenger depicts the body of a pigeon which was found by the artist on the roadside. The urban surroundings of the bird are reflected in the streak of vivid yellow road-marking paint on its beak which stands out against the intricate, black and white drawing of its body, and is perhaps the cause of its demise.Signed and Numbered.


Alison Unsworth has been creating sculptures, prints, public works and interventions for over ten years. Her practice focuses on the built environment, with a particular interest in urban design and ways in which the built environment is perceived by those living within and around it.

Much of Unsworth’s recent work has concentrated on the generic and ‘placeless’ elements of the urban landscape, creating work that looks at sameness and generality, becoming almost the opposite of a site-specific piece of work. She depicts urban landscapes that appear simultaneously familiar and unknown, whether through her digitally composited imagery that apes the computer realisations of the architect and town planner, her meticulously drawn images of public monuments showing all the scars of age and vandalism or in her 3D sculptures that use the urban materials such as tarmac and yellow traffic paint.