Oscar Perez

I Always Cheer for the Bull


resin, pencils
3 in. x 5 in. x 8 in.
Edition: 10

Perez turns weighty cultural icons into self-aware, utilitarian objects. I Always Cheer for the Bull could be mistaken for part of an elaborate desk set, yet it resonates with pathos so that it embodies larger struggles against injustice and despair. Holds five pencils, one bearing the title and one the artist’s name. With certificate of authenticity.

I Always Cheer for the Bull

Oscar Perez is an artist from Miami whose work encompasses sculpture, film, and drawing. His career began with his first place award for cake decoration at the 1998 Miami-Dade County Fair. Oscar's website, pinkbubblebath.com, has examples of his personal and commercial work. You are invited to visit.