Elizabeth Hansen

F UR A Granny Panties


100% cotton, fabric paint
Standard edition: 50
Special Deluxe edition: 5

Suitable for secret protests and spontaneous private or public performances.These panties say it all. Your own quiet rebellion in the seat of your pants. Made for all booties, algorithm-approved or not. Hand-painted for your pleasure.
Buy it, wear it, dance it, film it, post it, tag it, SPREAD IT… @f_ur_a_com #F_UR_A

A Special Deluxe edition is available: unwashed danced-in panties. The price is $1000 + consent to public acknowledgment as the purchaser, including, but not limited to listing on the “wall of flame” accompanying web and other publicity, screenings, and exhibitions of the F UR A project.

F UR A Granny Panties

Like the neat, but ultimately overly-simplistic models that troubled her during her early studies in economics, the cultural norms that we use to define and structure our daily existence bother Elizabeth Hansen. Whether she is considering gender roles, the institution of marriage, the problematics of ownership, ideas of heaven, or the use of algorithms on social media, Hansen brings an irreverent regard to the subject. Through a playful approach, her aim is to provoke serious evaluation of the status quo.