Rik de Boe

Testbeelden (test images)


softcover book 157 pages, black and white, with loose sheets throughout
9 1/2 in. x 6 5/8 in.

The book Testbeelden (test images) was compiled by Rik De Boe with drawings and pictures out of his family album. He asked Johan De Wilde and Wouters Coolens for a reaction. Johan De Wilde wrote a letter. Wouter Coolens inserted newspaper cuttings all over the book, as picture-letters. Published by Croxhapox. Text in Flemish with English translation.

Testbeelden (test images)

Rik De Boe (b. 1964) lives and works in Ninove, Belgium. After his studies at the Fine Arts Academy in Ghent he taught graphics and drawing in RHoK Brussels. Mostly he made large-format engravings, describing a certain reality, minutely presented in perspective spaces, as a hallucinating prose of an every-day life. His most recent work is a series of drawings as an assumption of what he could see in the last few seconds before his death - a storyboard for a film he will never be able to make. His work often deals, in a deeply melancholic way, with the passing of time, memory and the unverifiable. He also works with video. He is a co-founder of the artists' initiative Voorkamer in Lier, Belgium (www.voorkamer.be) His work has been presented at Netwerk, center for contemporary art (Aalst), the Thailand New Media Art Festival (Bangkok), Gallery Surge (Tokyo), Argos (Brussel), Mex, Intermediale und experimentelle Musikprojekte (Dortmund), FID (Marseille) and Frontroom (Brooklyn), among others.