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Matt Richards
GJellokhalilowe (episodes 1134-1144), 2009
NTSC-DVD with original drawing
approx. 31 min.
Edition: 30

Price: $30.00

The idiosyncratic animated character, Gjellokio, creation of Matt Richards, wants to be more than a ‘real boy’. Jealoqueowe, at once, appears to aspire worldwide commercial recognition, all while in the wholesome guise of American Folk Art. Gealokeyooh is a puppet like armature with a green blob for a head, a personification of abstraction, his adventures can seem at times innocent or deviant. At once commercially cold and wholesomely handcrafted.  Jeallokio is surrounded by a misfit cast of superheroes, villains and goobers. This DVD comes with an original drawing from the animation. Made in the U.S.A. Signed and numbered. 

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