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Gary Kachadourian
Life-Size Jersey Barrier Poster, 2015
large format xerox
32 in. by 144 in. unfolded; 7 in. x 10 in. folded
Edition: open

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From Kachadourian's series of realistically rendered objects from the built environment at 1:1 scale. The poster is a life-sized black and white depiction of a concrete Jersey barrier. The prints in this series are converted to actual size from scale pencil drawings of the original objects. The drawings are all made on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, scanned, enlarged back to original size and printed on a commercial OcÚ 300 printer. The OcÚ 300 prints files up to 36 in. by 200 in. The larger prints in this series use multiple panels that are joined with transparent tape.

artist bio
Gary Kachadourian was recently nominated for a Baker Artist Award. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland where he teaches at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

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