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Chuck Jones
Dear Art Lover, 2008
office paper, toner
8 in. x 3 in.
Edition: 6

Price: $20.00

Sold out

Here are some envelopes with art in them. Inside each is a print made on a laser printer. Each print is black and white on office paper. Each set of envelopes is different, although not very. If you are interested in purchasing one of these sets of envelopes, you need to know the following: You donít get to take them home with you right away. In fact, you only get one of them. The second envelope goes to a friend of yours. The third is sent to a member of the current cabinet of the White House.

In order to complete the purchase of this work of art:
1. Pay the nice people at Fuse Works.
2. Write your name and address on the first envelope.
3. Write the name and address of a friend on the second envelope, then add your name and address as the return address.
4. Write your name and address as the return address on the third envelope. This is the envelope that will be sent to a member of the current cabinet of the White House.

There is no information about the print in the envelopes addressed to your friend or the cabinet member. The enclosed print is neither offensive or felonious. There is some extra information inside the envelope that you receive, but not much. Most people would not be interested in purchasing art sight unseen, but you aren't most people. You are better than most people. You are awesome. I love you.

Thank you for your time.

Chuck Jones

artist bio
Chuck Jones, 1970, is an Media Artist and Embroiderer living in Chicago. His work was featured in a museum in Queens once, and once in Houston and another time in Los Angeles. He lives in Chicago and his work can be found at www.babygorilla.com

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