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Christina Kelly
Fuse Works has published another work by artist Christina Kelly. This time it is a variation on her own variation on the ubiquitous New York deli to-go cup. It is inspired by the only surviving ancient Greek Attic vase depicting Sapphic love. Sold in packs of 10. Check out It's Our Service to Pleasure You II...
Chuck Jones
We are delighted to announce the publication of a new multiple by Chuck Jones. If I've been to your house, I've peed in your sink. is a real time-saver. It's a commercially-produced, self-inking rubber stamp which allows you to imprint the work's title anywhere you please. It is housed in the online stamp company's carton, turned inside-out, which is itself stamped, signed and numbered. See it here!
Christina Kelly
Fuse Works has published Christina Kelly's A Field Guide to Office Plants, a natural history of common, low-maintenance office plants (Sansevieria laurentii, S. powellii, S. grandis etc.) set within the personal narrative of a bored office worker. It's like Moby Dick in an office cubicle, only a good deal shorter than Melville's epic. Read more here!
Sara Bouchard
Fuse Works announces the publication of Weather Box a new multiple by Sara Bouchard. Over a year in the making, Weather Box is a hand cranked music box with twelve "scores" composed from weather data provided by the National Climatic Data Center for each month of 2014. The compositions sound at turns both charming and ominous, evoking the benign inevitability of spring showers as well as the increasing urgency of warnings about climate change. You can see videos of November and March in action on Bouchard's Vimeo page. You can get Weather Box here!
Celeste Fichter
Fuse Works is pleased to announce the publication of Carts and Rafts a new book by Celeste Fichter. Fichter's book uses found imagery culled from the internet. The resulting collection of transportation-related pairings include all manner of carts (golf, ice cream, shopping) and rafts (inflatable, log, of the Medusa). Fichter's pictorial slapstick contains a covert object lesson. The diptych pairs created by the book's spreads summon pre-linguistic associations, like cognitive portmanteaus, or a psycho-visual Esparanto.
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Jeremy D Slater
Fuse Works, with Jeremy Slater, have published Slater's seoul, a sound piece incorporating processed field recordings collected during his residency at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon in South Korea. The 1-sided 10" clear vinyl record is screen-printed, signed and numbered and produced in an edition of 20.
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James Leonard

For our recent show, There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Yours, Fuse Works commissioned artist James Leonard to design tissue paper that can do dual service, both as a work of art and as wrapping paper for artist multiples. The result is Tear Sheet, screen-printed tissue paper produced at Bushwick Print Lab. Tear Sheet is free with any purchase of artwork from Fuse Works, but will arrive crumpled in a ball, wadded around something else, folded and creased— the way tissue paper ought to be.
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David Kramer

David Kramer
My Own Worst Enemy Ashtray
Chiara Camoni Chiara Camoni's project (Di)segnare il Tempo is part of a two person exhibition at Arcade Gallery in London. The exhibition runs through March 23rd. Read more here....

Paper Cuts Clocktower Radio
Fuse Works on Paper Cuts
At the New York Art Book Fair a while back we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christopher Kardambikis for Paper Cuts, a web radio program that is a part of Clocktower Radio. The whole episode is excellent. You should really listen to the whole thing. But the Fuse Works part starts at about 6:59 if you're in a hurry.
Listen here...

Huffington Post
We Are Fuse Works In a round-up list of resources for collectors of artists multiples, Huffington Post included us stating: Fuse Works takes their edition and multiple venture very seriously... That's right we do! You can read the full article here....